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Thu May 25 13:01:05 EDT 2000

Max asked:

"Why does it make me think of Gomer Pile?"

Because Gomer Pile was a goober!  ;)

It's kind of an intuitive word that way <g>

"And don't some people eat peas with ham? This 
is like playing the Kevin Bacon game."

Ham - peas - eaten with knife? - silverware - chrestomanci!

"Max <lightheaded because thesis is done>"

Congratulations! Glad to hear from you!


Salutations to the newly de-lurked.  I have to go be deadly serious now and
search through huge stacks of paper for things which I must never be seen to
take lightly.  Won't you tell us about yourselves and help me forget these
burdensome tasks - not to mention the whole living-a-lie aspect of things?
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