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> p.s.  That Chrestomanci illustration - tsk! He looks like a goober.  What,
>  you reluctantly wonder, is a goober?  A goober is the fellow in the
>  illustration.  Oddly, there is something David Lee Roth evoking in his
>  expression.  While I appreciate a ham, I don't think of Chrestomanci as a
>  ham.  Flamboyant, okay. Ham...?

David Lee Roth as Chrestomanci  <goes into fits of uncontrollable laughter>

Is goober something to do with the song "Eating Goober Peas"?  Why does it 
make me think of Gomer Pile?  And don't some people eat peas with ham?  This 
is like playing the Kevin Bacon game.

Max <lightheaded because thesis is done>
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