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Bodil quoted herself:

"The feature contains three parts: a list of books, a short profile where
DWJ has filled out some kind of form, and an interview."

Oh thank you - I missed it the first time around.
And re the much anticipated Year of the Griffin:

"Mmmm, makes yer teeth water, eh ?"

lol!  You have a way with words. Mental picture!

And a snippet of DWJ from the interview:

"Humans are meant to solve problems and enjoy doing it. No one can think
clearly if they are always being shown how miserable everything is."

For years and years, I didn't know anything about dwj more than was found on
the back leaf of the dust jacket - except that I really loved her books.  So
I was sort of apprehensive about learning anything about her.  What if I
discovered she was terrible? After all, learning things about Tolkien and
Lewis occluded my enjoyment of their work for a while - until I had a bit
more life experience and understanding.

It's always exciting to read interviews with her and be surprised, relieved
and delighted anew about the person behind the work.  The sentence above
being a case in point - I love that she says excellent, useful, sensible,
comforting and inspiring, fun, lively things like that.

Fawn fawn gush gush  ;)

Getting in touch with the inner sycophant,


p.s.  That Chrestomanci illustration - tsk! He looks like a goober.  What,
you reluctantly wonder, is a goober?  A goober is the fellow in the
illustration.  Oddly, there is something David Lee Roth evoking in his
expression.  While I appreciate a ham, I don't think of Chrestomanci as a
ham.  Flamboyant, okay. Ham...?

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