Laurel [Was: Re: Worms from Lind]

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed May 24 11:17:05 EDT 2000


>Back to lurking!

No, Elise!  Please don't go back to lurking for too long!  I've been
forcibly reminded recently of your wonderful remark about Laurel not being
likely to take up gardening (yes, I checked to be sure I'd remembered
correctly), and it makes me miss your more frequent posts!

Even the successes in my sad-excuse-of-a-garden are rarely what was
expected, and that uncontrollable creativity makes me laugh every time I
think of what you said about Laurel.  I keep imagining something like:
"Roses, dear, I think you've been very foolish, growing in that particular
manner.  Nasturtiums, you've had your chance.  I know you're very bright,
my dears, but you said nothing about colour variations when we made our

Ah yes, Spring Fever has struck again...

hallieod at

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