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And I wonder will they have to take any lives for Seb until he's much older.
Will he not need a new life for 60 years or so?


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> Deirdre:
> >Seb's mother was the woman buried at the beginning of the book, where
> >and Tom meet at the funeral. At the end of the book when Polly regains
> >memory, she goes home to save Tom and talks to Granny about what she's
> >out:
> >
> >[Granny]"It's every nine years that the funeral comes down."
> >
> >"And last time it was a woman," said Polly. "Seb's mother - supposedly
> >Laurel's mother, who is of course the same person as Laurel. Laurel takes
> >new life every eighty-one years, and I suppose she has to pretend the
> >woman is herself so that she can inherit from herself. I think that Tomas
> >Lynn was lucky that he didn't have to go then. Do you remember him now,
> >Granny?"
> I _knew_ that, but for some reason this still makes my brain hurt when I
> try to get it to stay in place!  So, is this the version that seems right
> to everyone?
> Leroy was married to Laurel, but then married Seb's mother, some 20 or so
> years before the end of the book, presumably.  Laurel married Tom at some
> time around then.  Seb's mother's life was taken 9 years before, to renew
> Laurel.  Then Laurel and Leroy remarry, hoping to get Tom for the next
> life.  But when Leroy goes instead of Tom, Seb will replace Leroy as
> "King", and Laurel's - er - husband figure?  (That's _sick_, as well as
> nasty!).  But very lucky for Leslie!
> Writing it all out does really emphasize how much Seb is to be pitied (as
> well as avoided), though, doesn't it?
> Hallie
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