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>Seb's mother was the woman buried at the beginning of the book, where Polly
>and Tom meet at the funeral. At the end of the book when Polly regains her
>memory, she goes home to save Tom and talks to Granny about what she's found
>[Granny]"It's every nine years that the funeral comes down."
>"And last time it was a woman," said Polly. "Seb's mother - supposedly
>Laurel's mother, who is of course the same person as Laurel. Laurel takes a
>new life every eighty-one years, and I suppose she has to pretend the dead
>woman is herself so that she can inherit from herself. I think that Tomas
>Lynn was lucky that he didn't have to go then. Do you remember him now,

I _knew_ that, but for some reason this still makes my brain hurt when I
try to get it to stay in place!  So, is this the version that seems right
to everyone?

Leroy was married to Laurel, but then married Seb's mother, some 20 or so
years before the end of the book, presumably.  Laurel married Tom at some
time around then.  Seb's mother's life was taken 9 years before, to renew
Laurel.  Then Laurel and Leroy remarry, hoping to get Tom for the next
life.  But when Leroy goes instead of Tom, Seb will replace Leroy as
"King", and Laurel's - er - husband figure?  (That's _sick_, as well as
nasty!).  But very lucky for Leslie!

Writing it all out does really emphasize how much Seb is to be pitied (as
well as avoided), though, doesn't it?

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