Worms from Lind

pburch at flash.net pburch at flash.net
Tue May 23 11:53:56 EDT 2000

> This lind worm discussion and its branches are very fascinating.  I always
> read Thule as Thool, but I was recently informed it is Too-lee.  It's so
> hard to change one's mind about pronunciation isn't it?

Yes! I have to be *sure* before I go to that much brain-twisting. 
My desk Webster (not authoritative, but I can pick it up in one 
hand, unlike my lovely unabridged which is at home) gives thoo'-le, 
with horizontal bars over all the vowels indicating that they are 
long ('oo' as in boot, 'e' as in be, 'th' as in this), and 
alternatively thyoo'-le. (It adds, briefly, "The most northerly 
region of the ancient habitable world.") So at least *some*
people keep the 'th' sound in English, though not the same th 
sound that I always imagined, nor the single syllable....

Paula Burch
pburch at flash.net

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