Worms from Lind

jessie shelton at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Mon May 22 20:57:24 EDT 2000

Philip wrote:

> To add to the confusion, my mother claims she has seen a reference to
> a "worm of Lind" somewhere other than Hexwood, but doesn't know where.

Another thing kind of like lindworms is the word 'Thule'.  This is an old
word for England, used by the Byzantines (among others, I think, and I
don't know the derivation, alas) -- and I've noticed it tends to pop up an
awful lot in sf.  I know DWJ has used it, I think in Deep Secret but I may
be wrong, and Cherryh has used it in Rimrunners, and I've seen it a few
other places too.  The persistence of myth.  (:


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