Tarja Rainio vierran at saunalahti.fi
Mon May 22 14:23:47 EDT 2000

I originally sent this message around the time the list started its long
silence. I'm really interested in all your comments on Gormenghast, so I
decided not to wait until the backlogged messages will (???) be sent to the
list... Here goes the original message:

> I saw last night the BBC tv-production of the first two books in the
> Gormenghast trilogy by Mervyn Peake. I liked series very much and found it
> extremely well done.
> I have not read the books, and was wondering if I would like them? Have any of
> you read these books and could you comment something on them. I have often
> found the opinions on this list very useful when considering new books/authors
> to read. BTW, I haven't read the Alanna books, and am now thinking that maybe
> I should =).
> Tarja,
> who btw owns a copy of Sorcery and Cecilia - bought it when it first came out

p.s. I recently bought and read Sherwood Smith's Court duology and liked it,
especially Court Duel.

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