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> Well, not exactly. The Computational Linguistics part (which I prefer) is
how to describe a language in  rules that a computer could understand. Have
you ever heard of Noam Chomsky?

Yes - my degree is in English Language and Literature - we had to study his
stuff back in the mid-seventies.<g>

> (Actually, making a little grammar for a computer to parse and generate
sentences is quite easy - it's the semantics stuff and the keeping track of
what was said that's hard)

Yup - computers are so literal too!
> >
> Well - I've read a bit of Shakespeare, but I wouldn't call him easy! But
if finally a computer understands Shakespeare's plays and can even comment
on stylistic bits - then I guess I'll be out of work, though it may take
some time.

I think there's a fair amount of work to do before then, certainly! It's the
sheer complexity and ambiguity of his language that makes it such a joy.

> (I thought Data from Star Trek was plausible, until he got his "emotion

I felt that was going a bit far, though I did rather like it when he swore
as the ship crashed in "generations".


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