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Seb's mother was the woman buried at the beginning of the book, where Polly
and Tom meet at the funeral. At the end of the book when Polly regains her
memory, she goes home to save Tom and talks to Granny about what she's found

[Granny]"It's every nine years that the funeral comes down."

"And last time it was a woman," said Polly. "Seb's mother - supposedly
Laurel's mother, who is of course the same person as Laurel. Laurel takes a
new life every eighty-one years, and I suppose she has to pretend the dead
woman is herself so that she can inherit from herself. I think that Tomas
Lynn was lucky that he didn't have to go then. Do you remember him now,

Granny then goes on to tell Polly how she told Tom to leave Polly alone.
They then find the charm in the picture and it goes on from there.

One reason that Leroy is weak is that he hasn't taken a life in so long.


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> >> One thing I've never been clear on is exactly who Seb's mother
> >> was. Trivial point, but I always mean to read carefully
> >> looking out for details like that, and always end up being
> >> swept in and forget to.  Is this totally obvious to everyone
> >> else?
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> >I don't think it's at all clear who Seb's mother was (aside from her
> >as common/mortal as Polly), but I always got the impression that she came
> >a Bad End.
> I always assumed she was a victim of Laurel, but I don't think there's
> any evidence in the text. Hmmm, time for another reread, methinks!
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