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Sat May 20 20:20:42 EDT 2000

My own five eggs' worth of sense:

In the Nibelungenlied, Siegfried is supposed to have fought and killed a
dragon (at some point).  (I think this is part of the background for his
character; the actual fight with the dragon occurs in some Norse source,
Edda or Saga.  Given the goodly amount of Norse material in DWJ's stuff--
from Eight Days of Luke to the Dalemark books--I imagine she could well
have known this.  But I digress. :)  After Siegfried kills the dragon, he
bathes in its blood in order to make himself invulnerable to weapons.
Only one spot on his skin remains vulnerable:  the place between his
shoulderblades, where a leaf had stuck.  That leaf, interestingly enough,
is a linden leaf.

(who thinks Grimms Worterbuch a marvellous source of stuff, too)

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