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Fri May 19 09:06:25 EDT 2000

Jane wrote:

>I don't understand *why* the only way for Tom to win is to lose...
>How does Polly having to reject Tom to help him follow from Laurel's
>saying that Tom can use anything that is truly his?

Hmmm... I did say I was optimistic in thinking I understood this, right?
Ok - my take would be that there was no real reason for Tom having to win
by losing, but that Laurel set the "contest" up that way to ensure that Tom
_would_ lose, as she knew Tom had so much strength.  Especially compared to
Mr. Leroy.

So Polly has to reject Tom because otherwise he'll count on her love for
him, maybe?  That _is_ his, just as his musical talent is his, and that was
clearly working against him.  She can't tell him the way the contest is
rigged, as that counts as helping him, and also tips him further into the
pool.  (Not surprising that Laurel's rules are _nasty_!)

Hallie  (confused too, but still enjoying the discussion!)
hallieod at

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