Worms from Lind

Jill Wadsworth jill at e-z.net
Fri May 19 01:05:03 EDT 2000

JOdel wrote:

> I recall a variant in a  contemporary short story (cannot recall author or
> title, however) wherin a Lindworm was a wingless dragon, yes, and -- for
> purposes of the story -- specifically one which was as miserable as it was
> vicious, since it was maddened by its own venom.

There's a statue of one in Klagenfurt, Austria, faced off by Hercules (who,
when I was there, had to be removed - a huge crack in his base. When I left,
he hadn't been returned). The dragon was a long, wingless thing, with feet,
that lived around the lake there. The townspeople had to keep it...
satiated? by feeding it virgins, until Hercules killed it as one of his
twelve(?) heroic deeds or whatever. That's what I know of the Lindwurm. I
suppose I could go look it up in my book on Klagenfurt, if anyone is
interested in that part of the legend.

Jill Wadsworth

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