Happy about Harry Potter

Britta Koch bkoch at rz.uni-osnabrueck.de
Thu May 18 06:49:50 EDT 2000


No, I shall not continue to gripe on about not having got my order of DWJ books I placed in January...

but recently, in a book shop, I couldn't resist the English version of Harry Potter (of course there's no English DWJ 
around :(), and I enjoyed it a lot - I finished it in one go. Now, since everyone here said that the books get better and better,
and that DWJ is a lot better than Harry Potter, I am totally happy and looking forward to reading more (and of course, awaiting
my order even more than before).

In the meantime, I'm fighting my way through "The Mystery of Udolpho", having recklessly decided after reading "Wuthering Heights",
to start with one of the first Gothic novels. Well, half the book is scenery, and in the other half, the heroine faints all the time... but it's
still fun, and I have to find out what was behind the curtain (and if taht isn't told in the end, I hope Ann Radcliffe gets what she deserves 
for not telling it).

Well, just a bit of chatter to celebrate the list coming back (I thought when I got no answers to my questions, it was the curse of
"no one answers your mail on mailing lists", aka as killfiled, but I appear to have escaped it this once ;)


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