Suffering from DWJ withdrawal =)

Tarja Rainio vierran at
Sun May 14 15:58:39 EDT 2000

Now that the list has been absent for about a week, I've noticed that really
really miss my daily fix of DWJ =). The other two lists I'm on just aren't
the same... I've tried reading Deborah's thesis as a substitute, but I miss
the daily chatter on the list.

About the Finnish covers that I promised to scan: I finally found the two
books I own, and noticed that the Finnish edition of Archer's Goon has
basically the same cover illustration as the British 1st edition that is on
the net pages -the only difference on it is the Finnish text =). Charmed
Life has an illustration by a Finnish artist, and I'll have to go to the
library for Fire and Hemlock, but I remember that that cover is also a
Finnish original.

hoping my mailbox won't be completely swamped when the list comes back up

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