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Thu May 11 03:48:46 EDT 2000

I> From: "Gili Bar-Hillel" <abhillel at hotmail.com>
> >  
>  If someone is making another copy of the "Archer's Goon" tape - could you 
>  make a copy for us Israelis too? The first one that was sent our way got 
>  lost somehow, and I'd love love love to see it, as most likely would the 
>  other 2 Israelis I know of on the list and at least one good friend of 
>  who isn't...

Yes, Yes, I second this!  (We don't actually have a TV, but a new acquisition 
lets us show videos on the computer....)

>  THE PERILOUS GARD - fascinating, especially when compared to FIRE AND 
>  HEMLOCK. I was a bit surprised though at how much Christian theology went 
>  into it...
>  THE HERO AND THE CROWN - good, but not as good as SPINDLE'S END, >        
>  which I know is not out yet but you all must read as soon as it is.

The torture of waiting intensifies!

>  And Sally, thank you for identifying A HARP OF FISHBONES for me, I've 
>  all the stories, and finally can connect the seperate images and moments I 
>  remembered to an actual plot! How gratifying.
>  I have a secret. I'm finding very hard not to tell. I'll give you a hint, 
>  though: a certain editor at a certain publishing house in a certain 
>  has put in an offer for the translation rights of a certain great book by 
>  certain wonderful author who has never had her books translated into a 
>  certain language. Editor is on pins and needles as author's agent seems to 
>  be on vacation at present. I'll keep you updated as things develop!

Go Gili Go!  Hebrew and DWJ, the time has come!

>  That's all for now,
>  Gili (not Gill)

(Quiets herself down.)  Ahem.  I don't usually do exclamation marks quite 
this much.
But sometimes you just have to.  Btw, I have a Gili, too, but a boy, really 
Gilon, aged 8... I'm reading Archer's Goon to him and the 10 year old boy.  
My daughter, aged 11, reads DWJ to herself already.  The littler ones just 
have to wait.
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