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Tue May 9 05:58:48 EDT 2000

Dear DWJ-list members

I pop up briefly from lurkdom to pass on a bit of information you might
like to look into. The British ACHUKA website concentrates on children's
literature, and I just learned that this week they have a feature on DWJ on
this URL:


The feature contains three parts: a list of books, a short profile where
DWJ has filled out some kind of form, and an interview. Most of the things
in the interview are not too surprising when you have surfed a bit on the
very fine web sites maintained by some of the members of this list and by
our gracious list owner, but there was a nice snippet like this:

       "Last year the book my agent sent got lost, but the publisher
        still agreed to publish it without having seen it - showing
        great faith I told her. This book is called The Year of the
        Griffin and it made me laugh a lot while I wrote it."

Mmmm, makes yer teeth water, eh ?

There were also a few more interesting details about DWJ's work habits and
interaction with publishers, and personally I liked to see she has an
exellent taste in cats, judging from the photo.

Friendly greetings,

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