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Kyra Jucovy klj at
Sun May 7 10:56:35 EDT 2000

Oh, oddness.  This strikes me as odd largely because in the past year or
so I am beginning to realize just how few female characters in other
people's works I like (I tend to like the female characters I myself
create just fine).  Awful is definitely one of my absolute favorite female
characters ever, however.  The other thing, however, is that when I
recently went home for Passover, I was rereading a few books because of
the conjunction that I had bought them all at the same time and they had
all been mentioned on this list.  One of the books was _The Forgotten
Beasts of Eld_, and, in rereading it, I realized that the protagonist,
Sybel, was another one of those rare female characters who I am
desperately fond of.  So this now means that a reasonably large percentage
of female characters whom I like have, in at least one translation, the
same name.  Hmmm... I do not like Basil's wife on _Fawlty Towers_, but
perhaps I ought to seek out more books with Sybils, Sibylles, Sybels, etc.


On Sun, 7 May 2000 liril at wrote:

> Awful - Sirene's real name is Sibylle in the German translation.
> "I want my tea!" Sirene screamed in the shrill voice which ha lead to her
> nickname. Actually seh was called Sibylle, but since she had opend her
> mouth
> for the first time after her birth, she was called Sirene.
> Roughly translated...
> Sibylle is a perfectly normal and common name in German, btw. But in Greek
> mythology "Sibyllen" were women who could tell the future, weren't they?
> Maybe I am thinking to comlicated now.
> Bye, Bettina

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