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On Sat, 6 May 2000, Rebecca Ganetzky wrote:
> *Alanna books, YAness, thereof.  I don't know if anyone else has
> experienced this but at Barnes and Noble here Alanna the First Adventure
> and I believe Lioness Rampant are Adult books and all the other Pierce
> books, including Woman whio Rides like a Man and In the Hand of the Goddess
> are YA.
That's one of the things I always hated about library organizational
systems. Our Young Adult section is quite good, but quite small, so they
only include books from, say, 1995 to the present. So when a book is no
longer recent enough, they put it in Adult, or Juvenile, or sometimes
both. It's really disturbing to search for a book and find that it can be
in all three sections. (Besides, then I have to run up and down stairs,
and that's less fun. :^)

On Sat, 6 May 2000, Courtney M Eckhardt wrote:
> I've been thinking about the Alanna books... and I've been thinking that
> the deepness issues that people here have complained about seem to be   
> strongest in Wild Magic and the first two Alanna books- The Woman Who   
> Rides Like a Man felt deeper to me, and certainly Lioness Rampant felt  
> like the most complex and engrossing book of them all.
That's interesting, considering that she originally wrote the thing as one
enormous 732-page novel. And then, when she got an agent, the agent
suggested that she turn it into four books for teenagers. So maybe she
felt she had to--I dunno--edit down the first books a bit more, or maybe
it's because Alanna herself is younger that the first books seem younger.

Tamora Pierce's webpage is at
She has an interesting biography, and she's quite funny--she really does
sound like that in person. (Swarthmore College's fantasy and science
fiction group, of which I am no longer treasurer or president because we
have other people to do those things now :^), brought her to speak on
campus. So for two hours she talked about politics and the publishing
industry and books all of which have influenced her and her writing in
various ways. It was great. It was fascinating. No one wanted to leave.) 

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around Sunnydale, and nobody's noticed? 
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