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Ok, here are my thoughts on the various TP series. (with some spoilers)
And my excuses any lack of clarity...

Song of the Lioness Quartet:
I loved it when I read it as a teenager, on the one hand because I was
fond of medieval stuff of all kinds, but more importantly because it was one of
the first books of that kone with a female hero. They fascinated me and I
suppose they changed my perception of books a bit: now I was more consciously
looking for female heroes and female stereotypes. These were the books that
showed me I had every right to ask: Why can't the hero be a girl? I have
read them again, without over-analysing, and whilst I did not gain any new
insights, I was neither dissapointed.

Daine Books:
Only much later I found out about those (about a year ago). I read them
out of curiousity, to find out what they were like. And my first thoughts
were, hmm, somehow I feel to old for them. Whilst I had always liked the
Tortall-atmosphere of the Alanna books, I did not like the changes (fable animals
and whatnot), it all seemed a bit inconsistent to me, as if TP was 
putting to many bits she thought interesting into this world.

And, to me at least, Daine was too *special*. With Alanna, I always had
the impression that she had more weaknesses, fears, had to work harder. I'm
having some difficulties expressing exactly what I mean - I can always blame
it on the fact that English is not my native language, ha! - what I try to
say, to use the words from someone on the list, I prefer ordinary people who
act heroically when they feel they have to, to heroes. Sherwood Smith (author
of Crown and Court Duel) has some interesting thoughts in that line on her
web page, in reference to the Harry Potter books. Well, I've only read one
Harry Potter book so far, but he seems rather *special*, too.

Winding Circle:
I only read the first two, and they did not really fascinate me. As
someone saind they are clearly aimed at a younger audience, and I felt that very

That's that. I hope I didn't get too "misty".


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