Dressing up (dressing gowns vs. suits)

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Sun May 7 07:26:32 EDT 2000

Dressing gowns vs. suits, and other bits from Witch Week

A quote from WW that makes me wonder what would happen if you called 
Chrstomanci in the middle of the night. :-)))

"Is that why you're wearing those beautiful clothes?"
"Well, no, to be quite honest," he said. "I like to bell well dressed,
because I am always liable to be called elsewhere, the way you called me.
But I confess that I have several times been fetched away in my dressing
gown, in spite of all my care."

I have just read Witch Week in Englisch for the first time, and I believed
had never read it before in German. This was not true, but until I found
it was rather strange (not as chilling as Courtney's Fire and Hemlock
but as I remembered only a few scenes in the beginning, I believed for
time that I was experiencing a very weird deja-vue). But, be it that I was
to young I read it the first time or that some humour got lost in the
translation, I definitively did not recall the book was so funny!

(still smiling...)

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