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Sat May 6 21:08:38 EDT 2000

>>Torquil is a Scottish name, via Norse (as in Thor - Thork(et)ill) & Gaelic
>>(Torcail). It's a beautiful name; it also happens to be my brother's name.
	This reminded me of something.  Tanaquil (note the 'l') is a name
in Edmund Spenser's the Fairie Queen.  At the end of Spellcoats the note
said that there were mistakes in the just made me wonder,
any ideas?
By the way, to introduce myself, I'm a high school student in Wisconsin (of
all places!)  I got hooked on Diana Wynne Jones books quite young (second
grade I read CL followed by Tale of Time City).  I'm fairly obssessed with
Fairie (pun not intended), which means I spend a lot of time discussing
Fire and Hemlock, although Deep Secret comes a close second on my list of
favorites.  I also haven't read AG or 8d of L in awhile because, while my
library isn't as bad as Princeton apparently is, we only have one copy of a
lot of books in the state library system and someone has this tendency to
take out the only copy of F&H from October first until November 31 :)
A couple other "re"s since I went to sleep before I mailed this last night:
*Dressing up:  A bunch of friends and I dressed up as Robin, Tanaqui and
Mitt one Halloween.  Mitt with the ring and crown (no sword; you don't give
seven year olds swords).  It was very interesting.
*Alanna books, YAness, thereof.  I don't know if anyone else has
experienced this but at Barnes and Noble here Alanna the First Adventure
and I believe Lioness Rampant are Adult books and all the other Pierce
books, including Woman whio Rides like a Man and In the Hand of the Goddess
are YA.
Anyway, my name is Rebecca, but I *prefer Em, (Hence the signature)

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