identical twins/reality (was Re: Introduction)

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I was thrilled that she didn't marry Jon too- I thought George was the
person she should have gone with.  Though I was afraid for quite a while
that she wouldn't have the courage to say no to Jon.

Yeah, The Dragon would up being rather a red-shirt, didn't he?  what a
terrible end!  But he had created *another* loose love ned, so there's
your sacrificial hero....


In message <c8.48c7ec5.2645d645 at>, JOdel at writes:
>In a message dated 5/5/00 10:26:23 PM, Melissa at writes:
>>> and I was horrified that SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER she didn't
>>>marry Jon.
>Now I was hoping that she WOULDN'T end up marrying Jon. I liked Jon. And they 
>worked well together. But for Alanna, being Queen would have been 
>so...limiting. And I heartily LIKED George. But that triangle situation was 
>disturbing. I was not a child reader and that construction was one where I 
>"knew" that in this kind of a mythology, Jack Point always tends to end up as 
>the "noble sacrifice" -- the good character who ALWAYS ends up dying for the 
>cause of right in the final book (so the reader will realize that these are 
>"serious" matters). When Thayet came on the scene in Lioness Rampant, I was 
>so relieved. (And the Sheng Dragon deciding to acompany them back to Tortall 
>was an additional insurance policy. Pure icing.)
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