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>> and I was horrified that SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER she didn't
>>marry Jon.

Now I was hoping that she WOULDN'T end up marrying Jon. I liked Jon. And they 
worked well together. But for Alanna, being Queen would have been 
so...limiting. And I heartily LIKED George. But that triangle situation was 
disturbing. I was not a child reader and that construction was one where I 
"knew" that in this kind of a mythology, Jack Point always tends to end up as 
the "noble sacrifice" -- the good character who ALWAYS ends up dying for the 
cause of right in the final book (so the reader will realize that these are 
"serious" matters). When Thayet came on the scene in Lioness Rampant, I was 
so relieved. (And the Sheng Dragon deciding to acompany them back to Tortall 
was an additional insurance policy. Pure icing.)
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