[RE: Brust]

Sarah Imholt Arahsae at netscape.net
Sat May 6 14:08:44 EDT 2000

Mary Ann Dimand <amaebi at iwon.com> wrote:
>Pre-Joycean Fellowship (or something very close to that). Curiously >enough,
I know about this facetious alliance of anti-obscurantists from >this mailing
list-- so there's more information in the archives >somewhere. :)

Oh-I remember that now.  I didn't read them when they were first posted
because I was planning on reading Brust and didn't want any spoilers.  Will
dig them up!


You know, I think it would be cool if DWJ did a take on a Three
Musketeers-type book or story line.  It would be hilarious!  

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