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Sat May 6 01:27:18 EDT 2000

On Fri, 5 May 2000 20:58:04 +0100, Becca wrote:

>One of my problems with the first book was that it
>seemed to me TP was trying so hard to be unique and special with Alanna
>that she went right out into the other side and became cliched in another
>way. Alanna is a stereotype of 'unique' heroines, IMVHO. I'm not saying
>Tamora Pierce is a bad writer or that the Alanna books don't work, just
>that they don't quite work for me.

Geez, wish I'd figured that out when I was younger.  Took me years of seeing
the same kind of heroine in other books to realize that.

>(Becca is working herself into a VERY
>dangerous situation here! Don't flame me, I'm only a baby dragon--I can't
>flame back!)

Now, no fair claiming an exemption based on age, Becca!  (Besides, it
toughens your hide to resist flames.  At least that's what my mama always
told me.  Or maybe that was about bristly hair brushes and toughened
>Everyone was special, had some special talent that they did
>better than anyone else in the whole entire world. Maybe I'm exaggerating
>just a wee bit here, but you get what I mean, don't you? Don't you?
>Someone, please second this! 

I know what you mean, I think.  It kept me from enjoying Pierce's _Wild
Magic_ quite so much--like she'd already exhausted the possibilities for
uniqueness in the first series, and had to expand her magic system and
universe strictly for *more* ways to make her main characters unique.  But
that was just my gut feeling, and since I didn't finish the series I won't
insist that that's the reason Pierce started adding the animal magic stuff
to her universe (also because I can't read authors' minds, much as I would
like to in some cases).

>Oh wait, I think Melissa's on my side about
>Tamora Pierce. Yippee! The war is already won!

Sorry, too busy laughing my butt off over here.  What have I done to deserve
this reputation?

Melissa Proffitt
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