Sorcery and Cecelia (was: Re: Covers et al)

gross argross at
Fri May 5 22:57:57 EDT 2000

Hallie asked:

> >> What is it about this book which has caused such crazy prices?
> and Ros replied:
> >I don't know! I guess it's simply become a kind of cult classic because
> >its recommendation by so many people, coupled with its unavailibility,
> >perhaps!
> Obviously you would have heard of Sorcery and Cecelia from other places.
> only heard of it from this list, and then from AlexLit (which I also had
> heard of from this list).  Although we know that DWJ fanatics are _far_
> more important than our numbers might warrant, I'm not sure that we're
> bound to influence dealer book prices!  (Even Fire and Hemlock isn't
> available only at such high prices as S&C.)  I just wish that being a cult
> classic (or being loved by list members) would ensure that a book would be
> kept in-print.

Just about every book-related list I've been on--or at least, fantasy or
romance related ones--has had members who rave about this book, so it seems
to be a cult classic across a fairly broad range of people.

But point taken. Your question still stands, then...Why such high prices? I
have no idea!


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