not ordinary vs. god-touched

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Fri May 5 21:23:00 EDT 2000

>To bring this back on track, one of the things I like about DWJ is that
>her characters think they're ordinary and then discover that they're
>not--but they're still not, oh, god-touched or anything. They're just
>unique in the way that everyone is.
This to me is the main difference between Lloyd Alexander and, say, Tolkien 
or L'Engle - the people are people rising to magical circumstances not unique 
personages with great and unique abilities.   DWJ's strength is that the peopl
e are not magic even when the world is, or even when they have magic powers.  
They are however interesting, realistic and sometimes heroic.  And unlike 
Harry Potter (who despite being a magician is really just an normal boarding 
school kid, neither interesting nor truly magical), they are really not 
Robin Mary Gillespie (new to list - just discovered DWJ when looking for a 
better line of reading than Harry Potter for my son.  I'm hooked.)
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