More Alarming Fun With Names in Archer's Goon

Kyra Jucovy klj at
Fri May 5 20:46:24 EDT 2000

All I seem to ever write in about is my experiences with names in Archer's
Goon - I am dull... but anyway, I just wanted to point out (reiterate?  I
think it was mentioned before...) that Erskine is also definitely a first
name.  This is significant and memorable to me because I never knew this
until, in 1996, Erskine Bowles became Chief of Staff for President
Clinton.  When I first heard this, my first thought was, "Oh, dear... I
suppose he's decided he does want to farm the world after all..."


> 1. Names in Archer's Goon.
> Erskine and Archer are both real names. I've seen both as authors at the
> used bookstore where I work. They're last names however. With all of the
> men's names in the book they seem to have a sort of last name quality to
> them, with the exception of Torquil. Who knows about Torquil, that one's
> just odd I believe. However, Erskine, Archer, and Hathaway have all been
> seen as last names. Venturus, although probably not an actual last name,
> has the same sort of feel to it. Not sure why I'm mentioning this but I

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