Zinca Fearon

Courtney M Eckhardt cme at MIT.EDU
Fri May 5 17:22:13 EDT 2000

Well, "foreign" was a poor choice of words- "non-US" is what I really
meant, I think.  I was curious, since I could picture a spelling
difference like that being the result of editors changing spellings for
the different variants of English.

Please excuse all of the typos in my recent emails; my internet connection
from my machine here at work to the machine at MIT where I read mail for
this list is really horrible.  Despite the fact that the physical distance
involved is less than half a mile, the lag time is long enough that I have
a hard time typing.  Normally I'm not this bad. :(


In message <v01550100b538e7752284@[]>, Hallie O'Donovan writes:
>>So, several peopel have been speeling he character's name "Zinca".  In the
>>US edition, it's spelled "Zinka".  Is it spelled differently in foreign
>>editions of Deep Secret?
>I'm not sure if you count the UK edition as "foreign", Courtney, but it's
>"Zinka" in that.
>hallieod at indigo.ie
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