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Fri May 5 16:29:49 EDT 2000

warning: spoilers for Song of the Lioness (the Alanna books) are contained

On Fri, 5 May 2000, Becca wrote:
> seemed to me TP was trying so hard to be unique and special with Alanna
> that she went right out into the other side and became cliched in another
> way. Alanna is a stereotype of 'unique' heroines, IMVHO.
Yes! Exactly! I'm pretty sure that she was one of the people who started
writing about a young swordswoman because she couldn't find any books
about someone like that, but she did go a bit far...

> I enjoyed the first Alanna book when I first read it; that is to say,
> it was enjoyable then. But when I read the second one, it spoiled the
> first one, because there was all that about Jon and George and
> nonsencsical fiddle-faddle of that nature.
:^) I wonder if your opinion will change if you reread them after a chunk
of time. This is not to say that your opinion isn't valid; it's just that
I first read the quartet when I was in elementary school (and our
library's copy of "Alanna" was missing the 20 pages in which Alanna gets
her period and George finds out that she's a girl--I was *really* confused
for a bit), and I was horrified that SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER she didn't
marry Jon. I couldn't figure out why anyone would marry George
instead. And then I reread them two years ago, after I'd
started college, and said "Duh! Jon would've wanted her to change! And
George had always loved her! Duh!" END SPOILER  And I've always liked
romantic fiddle-faddle.

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