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Fri May 5 15:58:04 EDT 2000

Becca (who has been very silent of late) here--

Just a quick note for those newly-joined DWJites: I'm Hallie's 13-year-old
daughter, just as book-mad as she is. (More? Is it possible? So hard to

Kyla wrote:
>Speaking of hair color, and as someone who does really like Tamora
>Pierce's books, my problem with the way Alanna looks (once I'd gotten over
>the "but they can't be identical fraternal twins!" thing) was that she has
>red hair and purple eyes. I felt sort of like Tamora Pierce had said
>"Let's make her look *really* cool and unusual." And instead it feels a
>little like a cliche. I'd prefer that her uniqueness weren't quite so
>obvious to the outside world...

I agree completely and utterly about the cliche in TP's Alanna books
(although the main difference between your opinion and mine is that I
*didn't* like them). I enjoyed the first Alanna book when I first read it;
that is to say, it was enjoyable then. But when I read the second one, it
spoiled the first one, because there was all that about Jon and George and
nonsencsical fiddle-faddle of that nature.

Right. New paragraph. One of my problems with the first book was that it
seemed to me TP was trying so hard to be unique and special with Alanna
that she went right out into the other side and became cliched in another
way. Alanna is a stereotype of 'unique' heroines, IMVHO. I'm not saying
Tamora Pierce is a bad writer or that the Alanna books don't work, just
that they don't quite work for me.

>To bring this back on track, one of the things I like about DWJ is that
>her characters think they're ordinary and then discover that they're
>not--but they're still not, oh, god-touched or anything. They're just
>unique in the way that everyone is.

Reminds me also of Noel Streatfield's books, the Gemma ones in particular
and _The Painted Garden_, too. (Becca is working herself into a VERY
dangerous situation here! Don't flame me, I'm only a baby dragon--I can't
flame back!) Everyone was special, had some special talent that they did
better than anyone else in the whole entire world. Maybe I'm exaggerating
just a wee bit here, but you get what I mean, don't you? Don't you?
Someone, please second this! Oh wait, I think Melissa's on my side about
Tamora Pierce. Yippee! The war is already won!

Becca (Getting together all her cayenne to throw at those who'll challenge
her to a duel at dawn for this letter)

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