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<< Nothing wrong with 'identical' boy-girl twins. *Shakespeare* used
identical boy-girl twins.
(Anyway, are they actually impossible, or just horrendously unlikely?) >>

Well, "identical" boy-girl twins... it's a classic literary device. As to 
that, given the circumstances in the "Lioness" quartet it wasn't necessary 
that they actually BE identical, since they were each going to people who had 
never seen them before. So long as the same general description could do for 
both (about so high, red hair, purple eyes) it plays. 

So far as real world scenarios go, I also know of a pair of fraternal female 
twins who were so alike no one but their mother could reliably tell them 
apart. At least not until one of them turned out to need glasses. They may 
have looked less alike after they grew up, but as children they might as well 
have been identical. (And they were definitely fraternal. Didn't even have 
the same blood type.)
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