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> I've collected a few of my childhood favourites, all in Dutch so most
> people won't know them - "Het Pierement achter de Woonwagen", "Ilja
> de kleine ganzenridder" and others that I haven't been able to find
> for twenty years and more, and I find that I remember scenes - not
> even key scenes, but they must have set the tone of the book for me.
> Frequently, those scenes are much shorter and less striking than my
> imagination made them in the meantime, and I almost miss them on
> rereading.

I noticed that with "What Katy Did", an oddity of a book in that it's by an
American author yet almost unknown in America, but in my childhood in
England as much a "staple" as "Little Women". The heroine ignores
instructions and falls off a swing, crippling herself for a long period. In
my memory that was what the book was about - yet when a friend fell off a
swing and I tried to find the incident to copy for her, I found it was well
over halfway through the books!"


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