Covers et al (was: Re: Guardian review)

Tarja Rainio vierran at
Thu May 4 17:52:42 EDT 2000

Chris wrote:
> You arrange your books - how civilised!

Yup, in alphabetical order by author, series in their internal chronological
order and singletons in alphabetical order. I used to have anthologies and
non-fiction separately and am now thinking of also dividing fiction a bit by
genres (fantasy and sf, detective stories, romance, etc.). But I'll probably
succumb to laziness and just arrange fiction in alphabetical order.

I've also noticed that I should vacuum or dust the books, or do something to
the enormous amount of dust the books gather. This is a very small apartment
and since all its walls (well, nearly all =)) are covered with bookshelves
the air is always full of dust -I'm afraid of developing an allergy to dust
if things continue as they are.


p.s. Irina, I still have plenty of time to try and match your household's
book number, since, if I remember correctly, I am somewhat younger than you,
and may continue to expand my collection for many years still, and in
addition may yet find a bibliofile mate in some future date <big grin>.
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