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Courtney M Eckhardt cme at MIT.EDU
Thu May 4 14:01:40 EDT 2000

Well, "more efficient" within certain bounds- fixing the links was easy,
so it got done quickly.  Automating the mail2hmtl scripts... that takes
effort, and hasn't been done yet. :)

Okay, I'll modify the news section sometime today.


In message <qF5N$EASWbE5EwIE at>, Katherine Ferguson writes:
>On Thu, 4 May 2000, Courtney M Eckhardt wrote:
>>Thanks for the email, Katherine- it gave me the incentive to fix
>>them tonight. :)  Do you mind if I mention your name in the news section
>>and make it a link the the DWJ section of your site?
>Cor, you're more efficient than I am!!!
>A mention and link is fine by me -- although my site doesn't say much
>(the "coming soon" review section is a bit of a joke, since "soon" in
>this context probably should read "sometime in the next few years"!)
>Katherine Ferguson
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