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Thu May 4 13:46:55 EDT 2000

>too young for them.  (In fact, if anyone's interested, I can tell a rather
>spine-tingling story about the first time I actually made it through all
>of Fire and Hemlock.)

Yes please. Do tell!

>superficial level and loved them (Archer's Goon and HMC, anyway), and went

HMC is the easiest to read in some ways, but even it needed more than one
reading (about 6, if I recall) before I understood most of it!
It's also one of my favourites, because it's such a happy book. I always
smile when I think of it and it never makes me feel uncomfortable as F&H
does. I feel so bad for Polly when she's doing the wrong thing... but I have
much more confidence in Sophie. Deep Secret is also a favourite, but it and
Wild Magic have innocent deaths which preclude them from being as
warm-hearted as HMC.

>said than done, in this fiction-forskaen land where "My Story" by M.
>Lewinsky was a bestseller),

Ugh, was it? Why do people buy these tacky productions? Well - I'm assuming
it was tacky since the situation it deals with was. We've had a couple of
violent criminals who've written books telling *their* stories... no, I
didn't buy them. They may have Had their Reasons but I don't feel like
spending social time in their virtual company. As a fulltime writer myself,
I get *very* sour-grape-ish when people who Misbehave become Bestsellers.
Maybe someone who *cleverly* misbehaved would be a different matter... I
think I might accept it better if someone who pulled off a brilliantly
planned heist hit the List - so long as s/he didn't hurt anyone in the
process. Violence, murder and adultery though ... ugh.


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