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>About names in Archer's Goon in general: I always thought that the names
>were picked to be just one step removed from common, and mostly because
>they seemed to fit the characters.  To be vaguely suggestive, sure, but
>I don't think they have any specific meaning.  'Hathaway' is supposed to
>sound past-ish and atmosphiric, Venturus to sound atmospherically
>futuristic, Archer is a good straight active take-charge type of name,
>Shine sounds vaguely sleazy or dangerous, that sort of thing.  Just what
>seems to fit.
>If that made any sense.  I'm supposed to be working on my math.
>(hello all!) 
>ps for those who aren't used to net-speak: ISTR = I seem to recall

Wow- that's excellent!  I think that was what my mind was trying and not
quite succeeding in telling me, which cause me to ask the question.  I
like this explanation, and I think it suits her style- suble, not
overdone, but a clue for people who are awake when they're reading it.

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