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Thu May 4 10:03:14 EDT 2000

On Thu, 4 May 2000, Rowena Macrae-Gibson wrote:

> I think I've posted about this before (from my old email address before I 
> changed jobs). 
> Torquil is a Scottish name, via Norse (as in Thor - Thork(et)ill) & Gaelic 
> (Torcail). It's a beautiful name; it also happens to be my brother's name.

ISTR there being early Roman kings by the name of Torquil.  Perhaps the
anglicisation of the Scottish name was influenced by that?

> As my sister's name is Catriona, Archer's Goon was a bit strange for me to 
> read!

I can imagine (:

About names in Archer's Goon in general: I always thought that the names
were picked to be just one step removed from common, and mostly because
they seemed to fit the characters.  To be vaguely suggestive, sure, but
I don't think they have any specific meaning.  'Hathaway' is supposed to
sound past-ish and atmosphiric, Venturus to sound atmospherically
futuristic, Archer is a good straight active take-charge type of name,
Shine sounds vaguely sleazy or dangerous, that sort of thing.  Just what
seems to fit.

If that made any sense.  I'm supposed to be working on my math.

(hello all!) 

ps for those who aren't used to net-speak: ISTR = I seem to recall

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