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jessie shelton at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Thu May 4 10:05:48 EDT 2000

On Fri, 28 Apr 2000, Kyla Tornheim wrote:

> My favorite, hands down, is "Hexwood"; I think it's her masterpiece
> and won't let people read it until they've read most of the other
> books.

Ah yes.  (:  I am a very large fan of Hexwood, but every time I try to
call it 'my favorite' I am reminded of such books as Homeward Bounders,
Archer's Goon, and Power of Three.

I have found so far that people either seem to love Hexwood or hate it,
and there's little middle ground.  I adore it.  (:

I would say something more intelligent about Hexwood now, but I'm afraid I
really ought to go run away and do homework.

> I'm on a crusade (where "crusade" means "suggesting that we buy them"
> :^) to get Swarthmore's science fiction and fantasy library to have a
> bigger DWJ collection than just "A Sudden Wild Magic."

Why does this happen?  ASWM is the only DWJ that Princeton's library has,
and I think that's terrible :(


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