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Thu May 4 05:30:22 EDT 2000

Melissa Proffitt schrieb:

> This is one of those things I don't understand about translations.  Why do
> names sometimes get translated into something else?  With Awful, it would
> make sense to use the German word for "awful" because that context is
> important


> (though Sirene seems odd, unless it carries that suggestion of
> screaming that I think it does).

It does. Howard even explains the name at some point, he says something like
she got the name because she has the habit of screaming terribly if she can't
get what she wants.
By the way, Sarah asked what her real name in the translation was. I don't
remember, but I will check on the weekend. (Most of my books are at my parents'
house as I haven't got enough room here.)

> But why on earth couldn't you just call
> Archer by his name?  It doesn't mean he uses a bow and arrow--it's just his
> name.  And why Winston, for heaven's sake?

They could have translated it, but then it would have the only name with a
meaning in German (Shine was not changed.) And "Schütze" (archer) is also the
word for sagittarius (sp?) the sign of the zodiac. So maybe they did not want
that connotation. The only reason for not using Archer (whilst using Shine) I
can imagine is that when pronounced in German it reminds a bit of some nasty
words in German. Seems a bit farfetched to me, but who knows...
As for Winston, I am absolutely clueless. Perhaps they wanted something that
sounds British?
And one last thing,  "Dussel" means just a stupid clumsy person and has
absolutely nothing threatening in German. So it does not seem to be such a good


PS: "Schrieb" means wrote. (I've been asked about that...)

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