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>Thanks for the quick answer, Paul. Yes, Archer must be Winston, he is
>the one
>in charge of electricity etc.
>The goon is called "Dussel" a rather uncommon word. I would translate
>as goof rather than goon, my dictionary proposes oaf, goof and sap.

Sounds like the translator used a more literal meaning for "goon".  Because
"goof" is one meaning of the word--but in the book the Goon is more of an
enforcer or thug.  One of the class of nameless minions also known as
stormtroopers, or footsoldiers, or red-shirts, depending on what universe
you're in.  :)

>BTW, Awful is called Sirene in the translation.

This is one of those things I don't understand about translations.  Why do
names sometimes get translated into something else?  With Awful, it would
make sense to use the German word for "awful" because that context is
important (though Sirene seems odd, unless it carries that suggestion of
screaming that I think it does).  But why on earth couldn't you just call
Archer by his name?  It doesn't mean he uses a bow and arrow--it's just his
name.  And why Winston, for heaven's sake?

Melissa Proffitt
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