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Wed May 3 12:35:02 EDT 2000

On Thu, 4 May 2000 02:16:23 +1000, Sally Odgers wrote:

>.. Does anyone know of, or can
>>anyone think of, reasons that DWJ should have chosen the names that she
>>did for the seven of them in Archer's Goon?

>Hathaway seems to have something to do with Shakespear's wife Anne Hathaway,
>but I've never fathomed how, since Hathaway says "she's known as "Anne
>Moneypenny" here..."
>Venturus means to journey far - as into space.
>But Shine? Dilian? Torquil? Erskine?

I associated Shine with the slang word "shiner" (black eye), and also I
think I've heard "shine" used in gangster slang meaning to kill someone.
The others, I don't know.  I thought they were all made-up names until I
found another character named Torquil in another book.  That was quite a

Melissa Proffitt
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