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Wed May 3 12:35:57 EDT 2000

The only name that I've never come across in any other context (assuming
that I can count "archer" and "shine" as words) is Dillian.  I don't know
about most of them, of course - it's entirely possible that Hathaway is
just there for the Shakespeare joke - but "venturus" is the future
adjectival form of "venire" in Latin, meaning "about to come," which I
have always found fully appropriate.  Oh - and I can still remember my
shock and alarm when I came across Torquil in Ivanhoe. :)


On Wed, 3 May 2000, Courtney M Eckhardt wrote:

> And here I'm wondering something else... Does anyone know of, or can
> anyone think of, reasons that DWJ should have chosen the names that she
> did for the seven of them in Archer's Goon?  I have pored over that
> question for a long time, and have never come up with anything.  Knowing
> DWJ, it will be something wildly subtle and appropriate rather than
> cutesy.  Perhaps someone with a better knowledge of Greek or Latin roots
> than I... or perhaps they even come from significant German roots, as
> English is largely descended from German.... Bettina?  Anyone?
> Also, Bettina, was Awful habitually called the German equivalent of
> "awful", or did they call her by her given name?
> Courtney

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