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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed May 3 12:17:42 EDT 2000

>> PS Hallie - I thoroughly enjoyed _Sorcery and Cecelia_.  I will be in
>> about it!
>Sorry to interrupt a conversation--I haven't even yet introduced myself-

You're not interrupting - and I think lots of us on the list found we had
to hop in with questions or comments without having introduced ourselves
first!  (Or maybe that's just my egocentric view, as it's exactly what I

>I have to ask! Where did you get a copy of _Sorcery and Cecilia_?? It's out
>of print; I haven't yet found a library that has a copy (I live in
>Australia, by the way); and the rare copies around are in a price range I
>can't afford. Does anyone know where I can beg, borrow or steal one?

Well, you can borrow my copy from Kylie, if you'd like.  It's in Australia
at the moment, so I'm happy for it to do the rounds there for a while!
What is it about this book which has caused such crazy prices?

Welcome to the list, Roslyn!

hallieod at

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