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Wed May 3 11:51:44 EDT 2000

And here I'm wondering something else... Does anyone know of, or can
anyone think of, reasons that DWJ should have chosen the names that she
did for the seven of them in Archer's Goon?  I have pored over that
question for a long time, and have never come up with anything.  Knowing
DWJ, it will be something wildly subtle and appropriate rather than
cutesy.  Perhaps someone with a better knowledge of Greek or Latin roots
than I... or perhaps they even come from significant German roots, as
English is largely descended from German.... Bettina?  Anyone?

Also, Bettina, was Awful habitually called the German equivalent of
"awful", or did they call her by her given name?


In message <39103914.2A259649 at>, liril at writes:
>Thanks for the quick answer, Paul. Yes, Archer must be Winston, he is
>the one
>in charge of electricity etc.
>The goon is called "Dussel" a rather uncommon word. I would translate
>as goof rather than goon, my dictionary proposes oaf, goof and sap.
>BTW, Awful is called Sirene in the translation.
>In the other books I have not found changes like that. But I think they
>been translated by a different person.
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