Paula Burch pburch at
Tue May 2 20:30:34 EDT 2000

>Hmm... has anyone ever found that they try rereading something they read
>as a child and find they're reading it as that 12-year-old (or whatever)

That's an interesting question! I find I do just the opposite.
When I re-read something I read much earlier, it seems like
a completely new book. I still remember the shock I found,
in my twenties, when I got to the *last page* of a mystery
novel and only then recognized it as the very first adult
mystery I'd ever read in my early teens! Everything about
the book seemed completely different, because I was different,
but there had been an unlikely turn of phrase on the last page
(I think it was something like "...with a wild tenderness,
he closed the lid of the music box") that had particularly
struck my younger self. I couldn't figure out how tenderness
could be wild, I guess. :-)

Paula Burch
pburch at

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