Covers et al (was: Re: Guardian review)

Courtney M Eckhardt cme at MIT.EDU
Tue May 2 15:05:01 EDT 2000

There are some covers on the site still (though the covers that were
linked to, rather than being present on the server, aren't
currently available because of a sever attack of broken Link Syndrome-
another project!). If you're so inclined, you and anyone else interested
can send scans of the covers to my email address and they will at some
point see the light of day.  Send them in whatever format is easiest for
you, and you can compress them if you like (less work for the mail
servers).  If you send some to me and you don't see them for a while, feel
free to send me snarky email to motivate me. :)


In message <mxoPOb=VLQ11O1vdLLSS90YQC3bh at>, Melissa Proffitt writes:
>And covers....I've forgotten; what happened with the scanned cover art that
>some of you were archiving?  Any new stuff?  I have a scanner now so I can
>contribute all my covers, in case someone is still collecting those.
>Melissa Proffitt
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