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Kyra Jucovy klj at
Tue May 2 10:55:27 EDT 2000

   Oh, my!  Kyla has delurked, and I don't even seem to have gotten the
message myself.  Nonetheless, this suggests that I ought to delurk as
well.  I'm Kyra Jucovy, a freshman at Swarthmore, from West Egg (err,
Great Neck, NY.  Sorry about that).  I am that force for evil and
destrution who introduced Kyla to the list.  I have actually been
following messages on the list on the archives for a long time without
actually joining, since I was afraid of how much of my time that would
take up.    When the archives stopped in August, I still went back and
checked about once a week to make sure they hadn't started up
again.  Imagine my surprise and joy when they actually did!  When I
realized I was going to go back and read them all, I decided that there
wasn't any actual reason to stay off and signed up.
   I think that the first DWJ book I read was _Dogsbody_, when I was about
eight.  She became one of my favorite authors after I read _The Lives of
Christopher Chant_ that year.  My favorite is _Archer's Goon_.  I first
read it when I was eleven.  The year after that, I read it again.  For the
ensuing week after this, the book took over my life.  I had to get my
brother to hide it so that I wouldn't spend all my time rereading it again
and again.  I then spent the entire week making up a prequel (although I
didn't write any of it down).  It was a truly alarming experience, but
great fun.  I think my second favorite is _Hexwood_, but apart from that,
with very few exceptions, I love them all.  After all, one or two books
isn't enough to make a favorite author, only a favorite book.  Consistent
quality (or at least enjoyment) is what does it :).
   So, hello everybody!  I am not a loud person so I may not talk a
lot.  But it's nice to meet you all :).


On Tue, 2 May 2000, otheng wrote:

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> > Since I have de-lurked, I might as well introduce myself. My name is Kyla
> > Tornheim; I'm a junior at Swarthmore College, outside of
> > Philadelphia; when I'm home I live in Boston.

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